Wrestling Team Rules


1. All TW Athletic rules apply

2. Never do something that will reflect poorly on yourself, your performance, your team, and your school.

3. Wrestle-offs will aid in determining who will wrestle, but the final decision is made by the coaching staff.

3-A  Factors to be included: Practice performance and effort, progress, and favorable match-ups.

4.  3 unexcused practices will result in a dismissal from the team.

4-A  An Excused absence includes contacting the coach along with a reason for missing.

4-B  Reason: Medical, family emergency, conflict with work, or unavoidable circumstances.

5. 3 “send home” from practices will result in a dismissal from the team.

5-A  A coach can “send home” a wrestler for a lack of EHD

5-B  Foul language, fighting, insubordination, disruption/distraction, habitual tardiness without        notice.

6. If a wrestler costs the team a point during a match, is disqualified, or called for a flagrant misconduct, that wrestler will be suspended for the next meet/tournament.

7. If a wrestler misses weight twice, they will be required to move up a weight class, unless that previous weight class becomes vacant.

8. “F” Rule: student-athletes must meet all requirements to participate in a wrestling meet.  Furthermore, any wrestler carrying an “F” at the time of a meet will not be allowed to wrestle until the grade improves to passing.

9. Detentions and suspensions will result in the wrestler sitting the next dual meet/individual tournament.

Any questions, contact Coach Nick Sullivan 317-797-3229