Tri-West High School Releases Athletic Re-Opening Phase Spreadsheet and Requirements for Athletic Participation:

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Athletes–please read the Requirements for Athletic Participation

IHSAA Covid-19 Athletic Reopening Spreadsheet

Requirements for Athletic Participation *STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK* 1. Athletes wear face masks in & out of practice (recommended not mandatory) 2. Daily parental pre-screening for COVID-19 related symptoms 3. Registered for Sports & IHSAA physical on file 4. 2 paper forms submitted on first day of participation 1. IHSAA Physical and Pre-participation form 2. HRH Health Consent and Release 3. Sudden Cardiac and Concussion release 4. IHSAA Covid Screen 5. Filled water cooler / bottle 6. Clean towel 7. Hand sanitizer (recommended) 8. During non-active times 1. Face masks worn (recommended not mandatory) 2. Maintain social distancing 3. No handshakes, high fives, or etc… 9. Sanitation Recommendations: 1. Do not share personal items 2. Wash hands or sanitize hands often 3. No Spitting out water or saliva 4. Shower & wash clothes immediately after returning home

Covid 19 Requirements for Athletic Participation