Girls Junior Varsity Basketball, Girls Varsity Basketball · 2017 Tri-West Girl’s Basketball Rec. League

We are excited to announce the return of youth basketball for our Lady Bruins.  This Fall/Winter session will be open to all 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.

Online Registration is open from 10/4 until 10/20

Evaluations Oct.25th @ TWHS     3/4 grades @ 6:00-6:45    5/6 grades @ 7:00 – 7:45

League Dates:

Wednesday night practices & Saturday morning games – Nov. 1st – Dec. 9th

Why 3 on 3?

  • Weekly league wide practice, focusing on fundamentals and skills needed to be successful in 3 on 3 games. This will make the games easier for the kids to “self-coach” and more enjoyable for the parents to watch.
  • No coaches means kids get to make decisions for themselves. Players today don’t have that opportunity as often as in the past because most playing opportunities are parent or coach directed. The players in a 3 on 3 league get to figure things out. That helps them think the game, communicate, and become better teammates.
  • There is no better way to develop young players than with games like 3 on 3. More touches, shots, handling the ball, passes, rebounds, more opportunities for players to make in-game decisions on both offense and defense. On average players will touch the ball 1/6 of the time as opposed to 1/10 of the time in 5v5.
  • Players in 3 on 3 take 4x as many shots as they would in 5 on 5. Possessions are shorter because time isn’t wasted dribbling the ball up between the top of the keys. It is easier to get a good shot because of the open space created by fewer players on the court. There is nothing better than getting up more game shots to improve a player’s ability to finish during an actual game.
  • Harder to defend: 3v3 is harder to defend than 5v5, it is more difficult to get away with poor defense so players naturally have to have better help side and ball containment.
  • Great way to build a motion offense: we will still teach almost all the screens and cuts that will be utilized in our 5v5 offense: pass and cut, screen aways, hard curls, ball screens, dribble drive action etc…
  • FUN!! Most important part of the program!